Are you ready to be Truly Disturbed? Yes, there is more EVIL out there than even Evil Episodes can provide!

So, if you aren’t already familiar with the new HORROR upstart (but rapidly growing) TRULY DISTURBING website, check out their official press release below:

To Whom It May Concern,

This new, up and coming review site is proud to present the “Dream Team” in horror, featuring reviewers and writers from various fields in horror from the USA to the UK and all the way to South Africa. Truly Disturbing Horror (or was founded by Paul Metcalf, the owner of and his own review site (UK based) as well as Sam Santiago, Editor in Chief (US based). Truly Disturbing Horror brings to you news, views, reviews, interviews and more special features especially from the horror genre.

Truly Disturbing Horror’s writers are first class reviewers and extremely professional. They pride themselves on being the best of the best and keeping not only their fans happy, but also the filmmakers and authors they get into contact with on a daily basis.

Most of the writers of Truly Disturbing Horror has been (or still is) a part of other big horror review sites:

Jorge Solis (Comic Book Reviewer) has contributed articles to Fangoria Entertainment on a regular basis in both print and electronic form.

Brad Bruce (Head Film Reviewer/ Film and Video Supervisor) has first-hand knowledge in the industry! As the owner of his own production company,

RED11FILMS, who’ll be better at giving critique?

Truly Disturbing Horror also sports many authors on the team! Monique Snyman (Head Book Reviewer for both and her own site with a CV that would go on for 20 some pages, also the web designer and Public Relations Officer), Kristian J. Hanson (Writer), author of The Fat Kid’s Wolfy Revenge and puppeteer. Editor, Sandra Dimas overlooks the posted articles are written well enough to keep the standards high.

If that’s not enough, there are guest contributors far and wide!

Seeing as it’s a new site, new features will be added frequently, however Truly Disturbing Horror is now giving you the chance to become a part of this growing family. What we need is your books, movies and press releases and we need it not only to grow our reader basis, but also to help YOU, the independent filmmaker or author that needs some extra promotion. People won’t know about your work if you don’t take a chance and get your name out there, but with reviews, interviews and some extra promotion, you might stand out in the crowd. Truly Disturbing Horror can do it for you… Take a chance and who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised at what might happen.

Thank you,

The Truly Disturbing Horror Team

Sounds cool huh?  And best part? I am a guest contributor on TRULY DISTURBING!  So far you can read my write-ups on:

History Channel’s Gates of Hell
Resident Evil 5 Review


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