Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – Review.

My latest piece for TRULYDISTURBING is up. Not sure if you you would consider this a retro review considering the game came out in 2009, however with all the horror related games coming out in the last quarter of 2011, allow me to make a case on why you should go back and check out Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition if you haven’t yet. Preview a chunk of the review below:

“The Resident Evil series is known for thrilling action, and tense cut scenes. Resident Evil 5 doesn’t disappoint in this department. The cut scenes will vary depending on your situation. Sometimes they offer a bit of relief when the situation seems to become over-bearing, other times you think you have the upper-hand and que to a bigger, badder enemy coming to join in on the fun.  The action is no different. If you are a Resident Evil regular you know it comes with it’s own legacy style of the stop-and-shoot 3rd person variety.  There is no running & gunning in this universe. Some gamers are turned off by this aspect, however I feel it offers a nice change to the pace of other games in the survival horror genre. It also adds to the tense moments and anxiety you will feel when thrust into scenarios involving the enemies.”

Don’t stop now….go to TRULYDISTURBING by clicking the image below to read the entire review!

One response to “Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition – Review.

  1. I picked up this game about 6 months ago off Amazon or Ebay for around $15 and was not disappointed at all. I like this game a lot actually. 5 here is definitely more of an action game than its more survival horror focused predecessors, but it is still a really fun game to pick up and play both online with friends or solo.

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