NBC bringing back…..The Munsters ?!

When I was growing up, the original The Munsters series was long gone, relegated to Nick At Night reruns. I remember there being a short-lived Munsters redux called The Munsters Today, trying to bring the macabre family of monsters to a more modern setting. I also recall a couple movies from the mid-90’s. However, the new version of the show must not have been very good as it was gone almost as soon as it first appeared. TVGuide is reporting that NBC is bringing back The Munsters concept with a possibly edgier and darker tone…hmmm:

Fuller has met with NBC executives in recent weeks about revisiting his adaptation of the 1960s black-and-white classic. Fuller first developed a The Munsters revival last year, but NBC ultimately passed on the script. Nonetheless, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt liked the general idea and asked Fuller to head back to the keyboard.

This isn’t your mummy’s The Munsters. While the original was a half-hour sitcom about blue collar Monster-Americans, Fuller’s take on The Munsters will be an edgier, slightly darker hour-long show. Fuller is expected to more deeply explore the origins of how the residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane came to be.

For the full report please visit TVGUIDE

Do you remember this show? I vaguely do....



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