History channel’s GATES OF HELL invites you on a trip!

I recently submitted a review of the history channel’s GATES OF HELL program to TRULYDISTURBING horror website where I am a guest contributor at. For those not familiar with the show check out this extended clip full of excerpts below:

The show originally aired a little over a year ago. Here is a small preview of my write-up:

“In fact every stereotype you have probably seen or heard before is included in these art pieces! The pain & despair depicted in the art come to life is pretty convincing.  Whether you believe in Hell or not, these art pieces certainly let you know it’s a place you sure as hell don’t want to go to, let alone visit.”

To check out the full article please visit TRULYDISTURBING. And while you’re at it, check out the entire site over there.  Sam The Horror Man is in the process of putting together a fantastic website for everything horror. Follow the site on twitter as well @TDhorror


One response to “History channel’s GATES OF HELL invites you on a trip!

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