Rise of Nightmares for kinect goes the b-movie comedic gore route in new trailer

Rise of Nightmares breaks from the pact of your normal game for the Xbox 360’s kinect. This is not what you would call a “family friendly” affair. Graphic, gory and most likely explicit in every way, Rise of Nightmares is definitely a game that looks to rival a game such as House of the Dead: Overkill extended cut (which is going exclusively to the PS3, mind you). Looks like it will be a battle of Microsoft Kinect vs. Sony Move in the next-gen motion controller arena!

If you know me, this can only be a good, no GREAT THING! Let the carnage begin I say! As a PS3 owner myself, I will definitely be headed to a friend’s house the second they come home with this title, which better be on it’s release date September 6th!

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