Mobile gaming just got creepy…..take a look at “The Dark Meadow” teaser!

Besides small little flash-style games such as Angry Birds, and puzzle based games I haven’t really jumped into the mobile gaming world as of yet. As I get older and my quota of gaming time decreases overall, it is hard to think I would have time to actually sit around and play video games on my phone other than the little time-waste type games. However when I see games like Dark Meadows coming out, I tend to think there HAS TO BE room for another new hobby. Check out the teaser below:

BloodyDisgusting is reporting that the game will be released later this year, with an undetermined price point, as well as being in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Italian. If you have a capable device, prepare to add “scary looks on face” and *jump scares” to your mobile tech routine that make others look at you funny.

Credit: BloodyDisgusting


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