Some more details emerge on The Walking Dead video game…..

Thanks to twitter pal and friend to the show @swelsh20 (Sean Walsh) for pointing me towards this story. By now fans of the TV show The Walking Dead probably know that not only is a board game being released with the story’s them but also a video game is on the horizon as well.  Up to now details have been pretty scarce besides the initial screen shot that was released (see below)

The choices you make will have lasting effects in The Walking Dead video game

Now comes more details from JOYSTIQ, including the name’s of the characters, how it will be connected to characters from the show & comic. Some of the details are as follows:

“Telltale’s game will follow Lee, a prisoner, and Clementine, a young girl he comes across in the zombie apocalypse. And anyone with hopes of anything resembling a feel-good ending should probably check that at the door on the way in. “The Walking Dead,” Rodkin said, “is not really a game about people who save the world. It’s more about a story of trying to survive as people inside of this huge and horrible situation.”

Another big element to the game will be the choices you make as the player.  When characters die in one episode, they will stay dead even when new chapters are downloaded and played.

For the full report on The Walking Dead video game, that gets more into the character Lee, as well as further into how choices bring consequences, go to JOYSTIQ now.  The game has no release date yet so keep checking back for details as they become available!



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