Dead Island Game Footage video courtesy of Comic-Con! “Taking the Beach”

On September 6th DEAD ISLAND hits video game shelves for the PS3 & 360 and here is probably some of the most in-depth footage yet, we get to see actual game play footage.  It looks like it is towards the very beginning of the game as the main character awakens with a group of survivors and is told just exactly what is going on.  We also get to see some zombie killing in action.  One thing for sure, this game is going to be bloody as hell, regardless of the weapon, every time a zombie is whacked, smashed, cut, stabbed, shot, burned, chopped etc etc….it will produced blood, a lot of it!  Check out the preview below:

Lets hope the demo we watched, or a similar demo of DEAD ISLAND hits PS3 and XBL soon! Also it looks like Playstation HOME will be getting a Zombie Makeover just before the release of DEAD ISLAND in attempt to help promote the game’s release.  I haven’t yet delved into Playstation Home as of yet, but I think I just found a reason to take the plunge.  GAMEPRO reports the following:

“In the case of Dead Island, Home Square will come to resemble the Royal Palms Resort, the setting of Dead Island. Minigames will be available to play, including one where players must craft items and fend off attacks from a zombie horde. The game supports up to 4 player co-op, much like Dead Island, and features 10 different challenges. Completing all 10 rewards players with the “Exploding Meat” weapon in Dead Island proper.

Players will also be able to have their photo taken with a zombie and participate in a “zombie survival survey,” which will rate their chances of survival in a real zombie apocalypse as well as unlocking 4 PlayStation Home items.

Finally, you’ll be able to pre-order Dead Island proper from within PlayStation Home — doing so will net your Home avatar an “Exploding Zombie Outfit” item.”

Sounds pretty awesome, considering Playstation Home is completely free! *runs to start downloading now*


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