Robert Kirkman says Walking Dead Season 2 will be MORE of everything you loved about season 1

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Robert Kirkman do dish on all things Walking Dead Season 2, including the upcoming comic-con panel.  Check out this preview of the interview:

“In the clip that was released, Rick Grimes is using a rock to kill zombies. Are they running low on ammo?
We’re going to see them run short on pretty much everything this season. It’s going to be a desperate season for our cast. Ammo, food and supplies are going to be scarce, which of course makes it much more fun.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what can fans expect at your panel?
ROBERT KIRKMAN: We’re bringing out more actors this year. I’m hoping to get some awkward questions from the audience that I can’t answer too well. And I’ll be wearing a different shirt. Last year my favorite was: “Why aren’t you filming the show in Los Angeles?”

Check out the entire interview at Entertainment Weekly and be sure to check back for more updates on The Walking Dead season 2 as it gets increasingly closer to debut time!

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