Sara Colleton exec producer of DEXTER spills on Season 6…..

As the time is drawing ever closer to the Dexter Season 6 premiere we are all starting to wonder more and more about what the upcoming season has in store.  TVLine sat down with Sara Colleton who did some talking about Dexter, Debra, Quinn, and a whole lot more.  I wouldn’t say there are any “spoilers” revealed, just general information on what to expect, but for the readers who want to know absolutely nothing, skip this article and go check out the House of the Dead Overkill trailer below it (wink)!

TVLINE | What can we expect to see from Dexter and his Dark Passenger this season?
Dexter is back, and he still wants to play. [Laughs] The last shot in the Season 5 finale was Dexter doing something we rarely do in the series: breaking the fourth wall. He looked in the camera and says, “Wishes are for children.” So, we’ve jumped ahead a year and this is now a Dexter who is over Rita’s death and over the loss of Lumen. He has realized that the desire to merge his lives is never going to work, so he’s compartmentalized things. An intimate relationship is not right for him to have, so he’s trying to shut that part of him off because it doesn’t lead anywhere that’s good for him. He’s at the top of his game in every way.

TVLINE | Let’s talk a little about the structure of Miami Metro, now one year later. Have things changed at all, aside from the new blood in the building?
Everyone is still there, but the relationships have all progressed. Deb and Quinn are still living together; LaGuerta and Batista have divorced. Other than that, we start out pretty status quo.

Does your Dark Passenger demand more?  Click HERE for the full interview to get even more juicy details on the upcoming sixth season of Dexter!

Credit: TVLine, FEARNet


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