Alone in the Dark(1982) – Reviewed

I had no idea what was at the top of my netflix que when Alone in the Dark arrived in my mail box. It seems the recent pattern has to get a disc in the mail and have it sit around for awhile before I get to it, however since I need to get the movie I am covering for Episode #3 of the podcast, I decided to bust this one out right away.   Here is a short excerpt from the review:

“The last stop on the tour is to the “third floor voyagers” who are considered the most dangerous of the patients.  This is where we are introduced to to the three patients including a paranoid POW, a child molester, and a crazy former priest.  One of the patients thinks Dr. Potter murdered Dr. Merton which is why he was replaced and has a violent outburst towards Dr. Potter on his way out of the room before calming down at the last second. When the Doctors leave the room the patients plot a scheme to escape and kill Dr. Potter”

Apologies for perhaps the lamest intro yet into the excerpt. I have a ton on my plate this afternoon, trying to get through it all….Please visit AlteredRealitiesRadio to read the entire review and leave me some comments if you feel compelled to do so. Also check out all my reviews and the entire vault of all the writer’s reviews! (Click image below for full review)


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