2006’s Sheitan (Satan) – Reviewed

Anytime you press play on a french horror flick you can almost be assured of one thing: weirdness.  Beyond that it is usually a mixed bag. Some of them go for the hardcore gore, some then to just be more disturbing and odd. Which side does SHEITAN fall more into? Read a small excerpt from my review:

“A couple over-aggressive advances, curse words, broken bottles, and security bouncers later, the group of friends find themselves kicked out of the club and not sure where the night will take them next…..until that is the attractive girl from the bar, Eve, joins them outside and invites them all to her house way out in the country for the weekend. Now, I am not master geographer or anything but from my experience “way out in the country” in a French horror film is NEVER a good idea, but since our cast is not aware they are in a french horror flick they all agree to take Eve up on the invitation and off they go…..”

Find out my full thoughts on the movie SHEITAN by clicking the image below which will take you to it and all my other reviews which are posted on a weekly basis (most of the time) on AlteredRealtiesRadio!

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