ZombieGoBoom’s latest video….behind the scenes look, screw driver, zombie strippers!

By now you know I am a huge fan of the new zombie web-series ZombieGoBoom. If you are looking to see zombie kills from all the classic zombie flicks put to the test under real life settings look no further than ZombieGoBoom.  On this edition we get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a scene from the series with Francis Wilson, as well as everyone’s favorite zombie survivalist Jim Goza putting the screwdriver through the brain death from Dawn of the Dead to the real life test.  From there we get to see a neat package come in the mail with a new zombie outfit and the episode finishes out with a music video featuring ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!  Need I say more? Ok then I will repeat…ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!  Check out the episode below!

Like what you saw? I knew you would. Go to the official ZombieGoBoom youtube page and subcribe(as well as finding them on facebook), leave feedback and comments and jump on this bandwagon now so you can be the first among your friends to say you were watching this web-series. Oh and be sure to tell ’em, EVIL EPISODES sent ya! Ha.

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