Johnny Depp is trying to make sure The Night Stalker….stalks again?

Well I must say this is definitely an interesting piece of news. By now most of you know about Depp’s involvement of the rebooting of DARK SHADOWS.  Now comes news that Depp may be slated to co-produce as well as star as  Carl Kolchak. Not familiar with the series? Check out this synopsis from the official netflix page of the double-feature that eventually launched a tv-series for Carl Kolchak shortly there-after:

Original Kolchak played by Darren McGavin

“Darren McGavin stars as hard-nosed reporter Carl Kolchak in this creepy double feature. Set in Las Vegas, The Night Stalker has Kolchak tracking a string of murders where all the victims are showgirls and all were completely drained of their blood. In The Night Strangler, Kolchak uncovers an underground city in Seattle as he investigates another blood-sucking murderer. The success of these films launched McGavin’s TV show “The Night Stalker.”

I highly recommend getting a hold of The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler double-feature from netflix. Also, the entire tv-series that was spawned later is available on netflix instant streaming so give it a look right away!

Credit: Deadline


One response to “Johnny Depp is trying to make sure The Night Stalker….stalks again?

  1. Cool! I will check it out.

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