True Blood’s “Jessica the Vampire” has a VLOG: And I didn’t know this until now….WHY?

If you are a True Blood fan then you know the young red-headed vixen “Jessica The Vampire” is a complex character dealing with life as a newly-turned undead chick. The fact that she is smokin’ hot and will be “stuck” in the body of a young 20-something female also adds to her character’s dynamics as she is now trying out a relationship with a non-vampire in Hoyt. (Of course if you saw last week’s episode you know she is definitely struggling with it)  Something I did not know however is that Jessica the Vampire also has a VLOG series in which she takes to the web to air all sorts of opinions, rants, frustrations etc etc…check out the latest entry below where she discusses her frustration over cooking meals for her current love interest Hoyt:

(I seem to be having trouble embedding the video into the post.  I will work on a fix, meanwhile click on the image below to be taken to Jessica the Vampire’s Blog page which includes all her VLOG entries

UPDATE: Found it on youtube! Hooray!So watch the latest vlog below, and then below that, click he image for Jessica The Vampire’s blog page)


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