Let “The Zombie Hunters” web comic series shamble it’s way into your brains……

As you know EvilEpisodes is always on the prowl for new web-based horror content to feast upon.  Sometimes I am referred to something, sometimes I am up too late at night and randomly stumble upon stuff. In this case I was referred by a tweet from THE ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY so much kudos to them for the referral.

THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS is a free web comic series that has been going strong since 2006. Jenny Romanchuk who authors the comic with her husband who serves as the webmaster of the website itself, “…is under the belief that if zombies were to invade, she would be the first to die. (Credit: Zombie Hunters ABOUT  page) The following synopsis is also offered:

The Zombie Hunters: A Zombie Web Comic series!

“The Zombie Hunters is a new look at an old theme.
It is inspired by a post-apocalyptic vision of the future as well as past human history. This story follows a group of zombie hunters as they go though life as survivors of the undead outbreak. The characters reside on an artificial island, the former site of the Argus Research Campus. The hunters, like so many others on the island, are infected- they carry a dormant strain of the undead virus, which will cause them to turn into one of several different types of undead when they die.
The infected are marked and segregated from the rest of the inhabitants on the island, making a living by working offshore in the wastes, hunting zombies and collecting salvage, trading their freedom for safety. As the story unfolds you’ll find out more about the characters and their sordid pasts and discover hidden secrets about them, their world, and the people that surround them”

The website gives you access to the entire comic, allowing you to jump to any chapter in any volume at any time, so basically if you are like me (5 years behind) you have now found an almost unlimited supply of zombie apocalypse greatness for a long time to come, as the comic is updated with a new strip every Monday as well as sometimes on Thursdays.  You can also play catch up easily with access to a cast page and encyclopedia on all the events that have taken place throughout the comic.  But that’s not all….if you dig the free version, and want to show your support with your hard earned cash, BOOK 1 is now available to order from the STORE section of website by clicking HERE! There is also some really cool lookin’ THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS swag available in the store, so check that out!  (Check out everything I’ve mentioned by clicking the banner)


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