One of True Blood’s vampire villains shall return…..eventually!

Calling all Russell Edgington fans.  Feeling some withdrawl?  Me too!  I loved his brand of sarcasm and condescending nature in how he dealt with not only humans but also most of his fellow vampires.  Worried Mr. Edgington might have suffered “true death” back in Season 3? Let the following snippet from the interview courtesy FILMSCHOOLREJECTS put any rumors to rest:

“To start off, it was disappointing  to hear that you’re not coming back this season.

I know, I know. It was up in the air. They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes or bring me back at the beginning. So they decided to do it at the beginning of season 5.”

Consider me thrilled with this news.  Definitely one of my favorite characters from the series, including probably my favorite scene in the entire show thus far…..(click on the image below to visit FILMSCHOOLREJECTS for entire interview)

Russell Edgington...gone but not forgotten...but not gone for good!?!


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