Family of Dog: The Harvest – Chapter 1 now available online to read!

I know what you might be thinking, “is this offering on the level?”  Hah.  No worries here folks this is completely kosher. The author of the Family of Dog trilogy Jake Bannerman has posted the entire first chapter(as well as the books foreword) up on the official website for the book series for everyone to read in anticipation of the book releasing later this year!  I’ve posted a small excerpt for you to preview:

“Yes, and tonight, tonight on this glorious New York night I can say that finally, I hold the missing piece.  Tonight, I shall do what no other before me has done for the pieces of the afterlife have been joined together again and shall thus be introduced to you all this very night!”  He raised his arms in triumph at his last statement.  The people below the stage were drunk on the power and wonder they saw emanating from their oracle.  They raised their arms, crying praise for the man floating in the white lights.  He still stood in the middle of the stage; arms uplifted, and face towards the heavens with tears streaming joy from the praise of his people.  From above, a circular metal object was descending.  The cameras zoomed in to get a tight shot for the people in the back of the audience and for those watching from home.  It was a fine silver ring, three feet in diameter with a second, smaller ring.  The contraption was perfectly flat but clearly designed to hold small objects securely.  As it descended it became clear that it held thirteen small vials.  They were silver, no larger than the vials used at a doctor’s office to obtain a blood sample from patients.  “

Following up on an earlier post reporting on the first in a planned trilogy, Family of Dog: The Harvest follows a group of folks who made a deal with the devil for all they desired, however came up unhappy with the results and decide to try and sue for their souls back. The quote above was also only a small preview of the entire first chapter posted online for all of us to read. (Click the image below to go to the entire first chapter) The book is slated to appear on book shelves later this year so keep an eye out for it and check back here as well as the book’s official blog for all the late-breaking news and release dates!


One response to “Family of Dog: The Harvest – Chapter 1 now available online to read!

  1. Jake Bannerman!

    Thanks so much! I hope everyone enjoys the first chapter!

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