PS3 ready to do the LIMBO(game)….(PS3 owners begin cheering now)

One of the games I have really wanted to check out but couldn’t due to not owning an Xbox 360 was the indie game LIMBO.  This game looked like a dark and dreary platforming game, one of which I never quite seen before. Giant Bomb website has this to say for the synopsis:

“In Limbo, a young boy is lost in the woods. He is on a quest trying to find his lost sister. This is never stated in the game itself. There is no dialogue throughout the game and there is no text to advance the plot.

The game uses a strange atmosphere instead of the usual narrative found in most games. Limbo’s plot is open and has a lot of space for various interpretations, particularly involving the game’s mysterious ending.”

I am happy to say for myself and all other PS3 owners that Sony’s Playstation facebook page is reporting that a port of the game is coming to the Playstation 3 this July, which if I am looking at the calendar correctly, is less than a day away.  Not quite sold? Watch the spooky trailer below:


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