Darabont dishes on Walking Dead season 2 as well as “fired writers” controversy.

Everyday we inch a little closer to the 2nd season of The Walking Dead. From time to time we are going to need another fix of information to hold us over. Today said fix is an interview with Frank Darabont(courtesy of DEADLINE) the director of the series.  Frank dishes on various subjects including the “writing team being fired” controversy as well as initially pitching the idea for the show and many other topics. Check out a preview of the interview below:

DEADLINE: But Walking Dead wasn’t an easy sell.

DARABONT: Oh god no. I’d been trying to set this thing up for five years before AMC took it. It was the first time I’d tried to set up a television series, and it sure seemed like a long time to be out there without a deal. It was considered pretty different and cutting-edge through most of that pitching process. My mantra had been that people were waiting for a really good zombie show. It takes a rare bit of courage to take a chance on something that hasn’t been proven elsewhere. I’ve got to hand it to AMC for that.

DEADLINE: Have you given much thought to the Emmys?

DARABONT: You know, a little bit. And it’s awesome to be a part of that chatter. We were just blown away to get nominated for a Golden Globe, a DGA award, and a WGA award in our first year. But that stuff is out of our control.

Don’t worry there’s much more where that came from. Check out DEADLINE for the interview in it’s entirety and be sure to check out the Season 2 premiere of the Walking Dead on AMC this fall….

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