Black Death: My Review.

Took me way longer to see this flick than I anticipated but alas, I’ve finally seen it!  I had heard tons of positive feedback on this movie, would it be so much that it would make the expectations to high? Check out a small sample of the review below:

“Before the group even makes it to the village the journey experiences a few pitfalls, as one in the group ends up falling ill to the plague and has to be slain by his fellow soldier. We also get a dose of what the leader of the soldiers (Ulric) brand of justice is when he is thrust into what could be considered a moral dilemma which wasn’t going to end happy for a young woman regardless of Ulric’s intervention or not.”

Please check out the full review of Black Death at AlteredRealitiesRadio the website in which I write these horror movie reviews for! Tell ’em Mike sent ya too! Click on the image below to be whisked away into medieval times for the full review:

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