HBO making True Blood Season 4’s second episode available immediately after episode 1 airs…(on HBO Go)

HBO is really doing a hard-sell for True Blood season 4.  Beginning a month or so ago, it has been rare more than a day or two has gone by that we are not give a new promo, poster, clip, or even full out preview for Season 4.  Now a somewhat entirely new concept is taking place.  Immediately after the first episode of the season airs this Sunday, those of us who simply can’t wait a week for episode 2 will be given access to immediately watch it on HBO’s new on-demand channel HBO GO  This is probably a push to advertise the site itself as much as True Blood as HBO probably feels this new option is a great new way to get new subscribers by giving them access to all of their original series (as well as other content) on the go…….Of course the only downside is if you go ahead and watch the second episode right away then you get to wait two weeks until episode 3, so I guess you can pick your poison on that decision, right?

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