DEAD ISLAND 4 player co-op preview! Strategy is what it’s all about to survive!

DEAD ISLAND footage has been erupting a lot as of late. From previews to trailers and even some actual game play footage. The game is starting to reveal itself as more than just another zombie shooter. The strategy isn’t simply going to be to kill as much as possible. You are going to be put in danger, a lot of it, and won’t always have a machine gun or assault rifle to get you out of some of the stickier situations. With that said the best way to attack could end up being with the help of some friends. Strategy & team work could be the name of the game as the video below shows:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DEAD ISLAND is an action-RPG, this risk could turn off casual gamers who are looking to just kill as much as possible, as fast as possible. Me? I am ready to jump into this full force. If this game is executed well, it could be a breath of fresh air to the genre that is desperately needs. Are you ready to take that plunge as well? If you would like to read more on the latest video please click on the image below to go to G4 which offers an extensive write-up on the multi-player video as well as describing how this will be a much different game than recent zombie shooters!


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