SAW: Final Cut – 7Weeks7Saws review series comes to a gory close!

That’s right, this is it, the final week of this review series.  The last seven (Eight, technically) have gone by super fast. Thanks for checking in every week to get my take on each installment of the series. If you missed any week, you can catch my review of each SAW flick, as well as reviews on a bunch of other horror movies at AlteredRealitiesRadio.  Read a small snippet of the review below:

“You know. Sometimes I can be wrong. I can admit that. When it comes to movies, being wrong usually means one of two things; Either I am going to be thoroughly entertained or horrible bored, the second time around. I might have mentioned it in passing sometime during the SAW franchise review series but I will now just to be clear, although I had originally seen every installment in the theater, the reviews appearing on this website are for the most part based on my thoughts on the movies after re-watching them at home on DVD. With that said, for the most part my opinion on each movie stayed pretty much consistently the same with the transition to Movie-plex to home theater. Not this time. I kind of had a change of heart with this one.  “

Ooooooo, again…..what a tease!  You know my opinion changed.  And I confirm it changed BIG-TIME.  For the better or worse though?  Only one way to find out!  Go read the full review by click on the image below!


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