Black Ops dropping new map pack June 28th….more importantly? NEW ZOMBIE MAP!

For those of us with a PS3, we just barely have had time to get familiar with the like of Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, & Sarah Michelle Gellar in the zombie level “Call of the Dead” for black ops.  Due to a couple factors, including the PSN being hacked and down for awhile, but also because PS3 doesn’t get these map packs at launch like the 360 does *holds in rant*  Anyways, the new map pack is called Annihilation and features some new cool looking maps (Death Match on a golf course? Are you kidding me!?!) Also included is a new zombie multiplayer map titled: Shangri-La.  For a sneak peak at the new map pack watch the video below:(if you just want to peep the zombie map itself, fast forward to around 2:10 of the video)

Even though the zombie-map coverage was rather short, it is easy to see this map is going to feature some cool aspects that none of the prior maps have included, such as traps and a more innovative game play. There will also undoubtedly be plenty of secrets to discover and unlock while playing through Shangri-La.  The new map pack releases for the 360 on June 28th and for the PS3 at a date still unknown, although as per usual I am guessing about a month later.

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