ZombieGoBoom – Think Mythbusters with a living dead twist! Results? Hilarious!

It would be an easy case to make that the ZOMBIE sub-genre of horror is quite over-saturated these days. Between all the movies, stories, comics, TV shows covering the subject in the last five years you might be all zombied out for awhile, which is why it brings me great pleasure to send you in the direction of yes, another viral zombie web-series that has sprung to life:

Created by Chuck Mere & James sweet, and starring Jim Goza as host & resident zombie-survivalist, ZOMBIEGOBOOM mixes several elements including, comedy, sarcasm, gore, and of course weapons in an effort to take everything we’ve read or heard, or even seen on the silver screen, and put it to the real-life test.  Find yourself walking in the rain armed only with an umbrella, and wondering if you can survive a zombie attack? I am sure a future episode is going to give you the low-down.  The first episode has been posted which puts two baseball bats to the test: Wood vs. Aluminum to find out which is the more efficient zombie killer:

Like what you see? Thought so.  Keep checking back to the official youtube page for ZOMBIEGOBOOM for new episodes every week! You can also find them on DAILYMOTION as well.

One response to “ZombieGoBoom – Think Mythbusters with a living dead twist! Results? Hilarious!

  1. Seriously some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve seen. You gotta watch!

    http://www.TheRaptorHunter.com. There are two episodes and two trailers. Here are links to the episodes.

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

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