SAW VI: Review – Born Again Hard?

If you’ve read my reviews for the entire series so far, then you know that I felt the series started out strong, remained solid, and had the rug pulled out from under us with the fourth & fifth installments.  At this point you are probably thinking it would be impossible from this point on for the series to recover. However, you might be surprised, beginning with this small excerpt:

“We get more flashbacks of John Kramer’s life before taking on the jigsaw persona. We also find out why Amanda failed as a successor, why certain people were given their unique rolls in the puzzle, and more information on why Kramer became a bitter man over time with the people he witnessed around him. The character of Jill Tuck however, remains sort of bland and underwhelming.”

Sort of a mixed bag with that tiny preview, eh? I know, I know, I am just teasing you folks now. Read the full review at ALTEREDREALTIESRADIO (by clicking image below) to find out how I think SAW VI stands up. Did it takes us further into the depths of “meh” or did it breathe new life into the series at the last possible second before the finale next week?


One response to “SAW VI: Review – Born Again Hard?

  1. Amanda Gallardo

    Great review. Thanks!

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