Resident Evil 15th Anniversary trailer! What’s in store as we go into the future, and dabble a bit in the past!

Whether you are a seasoned Resident Evil franchise player or you merely just heard of the series from my Zombies in Video Games piece, it has been one hell of a terrific run for the most part starting in 1996, and this franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.  Along with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Mercenaries, and Resident Evil: Revelations all releasing later this year, we are also being treated to a couple of stellar installments from the series past getting the HD treatment for the PS3 & Xbox360 systems.  None other than Resident Evil: Code Veronica & Resident Evil 4(widely considered the best entry into the series to date). You probably recognize similar treatment given to other franchises in the past such as God of War & Final Fantasy, even the original Resident Evil game got an update a few years back for the GameCube system. If those are the models to hold up to, you can expect one hell of a presentation ready to be unveiled.  Check out the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary trailer below:

To get all the latest updates on all of this exciting content coming out head to the official RESIDENT EVIL FACEBOOK PAGE now!


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