Nothing to Fear but “Fear Itself” so says netflix!

Remember the NBC anthology series FEAR ITSELF from 2008? No? Well let me remind you a bit of it.  After the success of Masters of Horror on Showtime. The creator Mick Garris decided to create a series with a similar format for network television.  Each episode would be directed by a different director, most of which had previous ties to the horror genre.

The series began airing and was eventually pre-empted for the Olympics and then ended up never returning to it’s Thursday night timeslot.  Of course, being on NBC there would be much more limitations put on the content allowed, however I remember seeing a few episodes and being entertained for the most part. Chalk it up to “Valiant effort” I suppose.  Hell even the opening credits theme song had a little “celebrity flare” as it was composed by System of a Down’s Serj Tankian.  Here is the original promo for the series:

Now, if you missed any of the episodes or the entire series, it is available all on netflix instant streaming. So pop some popcorn, dim the lights and prepare to fear….FEAR ITSELF….

…..but wait….Thanks to the awesome website FEARNET:

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