How to Kill Zombies – Without the Mess. Watch the Undead Infomercial!

I shambled upon this little video a few minutes ago (4am on a Thursday wee early hours morning) With all the rumors of The Rapture and more importantly, the  forthcoming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.  Everyone is arming themselves with every weapon from the tool shed. However, some of us are just not inclined to deal with the bulk of a shotgun or chainsaw, let alone the messy outcome of using a knife or stabbing weapon.  For those people there is hope as the      ZOMB-EZ gives us a no-mess solution to zombie killing!

Are you SOLD? Then check out additional information in getting your hands on the ZOMB-EZ by visiting the official website of the ZOMBE-EZ further production information, swag, and cast & crew information on the commercial itself!


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