Dead Island in-game footage shambles it’s way online!

You’ve already seen the movie trailer as well as getting a mention in my Zombies in Video games piece, how we finally get some in-game footage of the highly anticipated Dead Island. Check out the 10+ minute piece of footage courtesy of

My early impressions based on the footage is that the game will play sort of like a GTA w/zombies hyrbid.  Open world, with tons of side missions in addition to the main storyline.  I will re-iterate that the presentation looks absolute beautiful, and it is nice to see the game developers are definitely not holding back on the blood and gore effects as the game footage featured plenty of zombies in several states of decay and rot being pulverized by a different weapons and attacks. Does this in-game footage change your opinion one way or another about the game thus far?  Dead Island will shamble into your home on September 30th!


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