Friday the 13th TV Series – Jason does TV…oh wait…no he doesn’t!

It’s Friday the 13th everyone! Besides Halloween, it is probably one of the leading days of notoriety for horror fans as it annually becomes “which Friday the 13th flick should I watch tonight” day….well keeping with the “TV-based” them of the blog, let me take a moment to bring us back to the late 80’s to remember another chapter in the Friday the 13th saga.

Imagine Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy Kruger….Halloween sanz Michael Myers(well we actually did get that, and it was a good flick, IMO, but that is another story for another time)…how about Friday the 13th without Jason Voorhees….would never happen right…WRONG.  Well sort of!  Back in 1987, Friday the 13th’s TV series started airing.

The show had little if anything to do with Jason Voorhees, Campy Crystal lake or the legend itself. (It might have been referenced to slightly, but I don’t remember). The story was about an antique shop owner who had made a pact with the devil to sell items and antiques that all had various curses attached to them. For whatever reason he broke his pact and was killed for his efforts. Micki & her cousin Ryan inherit the shop and make it their mission along with the help of the older, Jack character, to go out and retrieve all the missing antiques before they could cause further harm in the wrong hands.  It has been a really long time since I have scene any of the episodes but last I checked the series is in syndication on CHILLER network. (It used to run on SyFy as well, but I don’t think so anymore).

Here is the opening trailer for the show:

One episode I do remember, was centered around a high school chick who had come upon a makeup compact that would make whoever looked into the compact at the same time as her, fall in love with her instantly.  The chick would do this to various guys out of revenge for them ignoring her(I think) and would eventually lead them to suicide.  Not sure why this episode stood out particularly, maybe it was because anyone growing up has insecurities about themselves to a certain extent!?!

From what little I remember, I dug the show, enough. I remember this was part of the regular Saturday night line up for me along with a couple of other shows that came and went in the same era.  This could just be a case of me seeing at such a young age and having a more positive memory than it deserves.  This show will definitely be something I cover extensively so look for that in the future!

Was the Hockey Mask ever referred to as one of the "cursed items" ?


5 responses to “Friday the 13th TV Series – Jason does TV…oh wait…no he doesn’t!

  1. Christopher S. Clayborne

    WHen I first saw the first episode with my dad we were so excited… Till it began. I came to love it and still d

  2. This is true DA Chaney. When I was growing up it was pretty much guaranteed that Friday the 13th would foster some kind of marathon of Jason wreaking havoc on TV. So sad how the times have changed.

  3. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a horror TV/movie marathon on TV on Friday.

    How can Friday the 13th come up with no marathons (at least there wasn’t at night time-unsure about the day hours). It was sad.

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