Splattercast #228 with special guest: ME!

DeadLantern’s Splattercast #228 has officially been posted and is available for download now! Jeff & Matt of the show were gracious enough to extend an invite for my other podcast RetroFlickFillet to come on as part of their annual May guest co-host month!  Doug was unable to do it because of prior obligations and Shawn is still on indefinite hiatus, so I decided to buck up and carry the torch for us! (click the image below to listen to the episode)

Do I manage to hang with the veterens of horror podcasting? Find out!

***Quick blog note***

Since starting up the blog I have been trying to post daily with news, links, original pieces, reviews etc etc.  Tomorrow my best friend flies in from out of town, someone I only get to see every couple of years (airfare is a bitch of a cost), so it is probably going to be quiet around here for the rest of this week and probably a couple days into next week. I left you off with my Splattercast appearance, that long-ass rambling Videogames article, and I will probably still manage to bust out the SAW 3 review for AlteredRealitiesRadio by the end of this week with a blog post/link to it from here, so to all my readers you should still be left in good shape.  Try not to miss me too much *wink*


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