“Twilight Eyes” novel by Dean Koontz being developed into mini-series by Starz

The war for your viewership via original programming continues. Starz network which a few years ago was primarily known for being a premium movie channel, jumped into the original programming fray with Spartacus: Blood & Sand, (a big hit for the network) which has already spawned a prequel, and is currently filming a sequel . Starz also featured the extremely funny Party Down, a personal favorite of mine, which was sadly cancelled after two seasons(there is a “rumored” movie as a follow-up).  Now it looks as if Starz is throwing their hat into the horror genre with an adaptation of Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes (in the form of a limited mini-series) which is summarized by it’s wiki page as follows:

Monsters will not sparkle in "Twilight Eyes" hopefully!











Twilight Eyes is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz, released in 1985 0riginal version, Land Enchantment (1987 expanded version, Berkley). Twilight Eyes begins with a character with the self-appointed name, “Slim MacKenzie”. Slim mainly uses his psychic powers to hunt Goblins, a kind of monster that seems to have the ability to mimic human beings. Throughout the book, Slim wages war on the monsters with his girlfriend and later his wife, Rya Raines.

The book is said to be “violent and sensual”, two themes very familiar to the horror genre.  Dean Koontz will serve as executive producer on the show  and it has been reported that the setting will be changed to modern times (courtesy of DEADLINE.com) I guess the only question now is do they change the name of the show in order to separate it from the tween-romance series Twilight. If you’ve seen some of Starz original series you can count on them being catered to a pretty mature audience, and not holding back much.  This is afterall, a premium cable network so there should be absolutely no reason to skimp on the indulgences that come naturally in the horror genre! Just think for a moment a youngin’ tuning into Starz because they see the word “Twilight” and imagine the eye & earful they are about to witness!


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