SAW – Reviewed!

Do you want to play a game…..No?  Well how about you read a review instead? Thanks! Ha!  This week I kicked off my 7 Weeks 7 Saws review series. Being that it is week 1, I watched and reviewed the original Saw.

Foot Severing....Rusty Hacksaw style

Here is an excerpt:

One of the biggest “Whoa” moments of the entire series (and arguably in the modern horror genre) takes place in the final scene as Jigsaw’s true identity is revealed. The scene is very effective because for the most part it ends up being someone who we never really assumed it could be, and was practically in front of our eyes the entire time. That has probably offered enough hints without outright spoiling it for those who still haven’t seen the movie yet.

Like what you read so far? Read the review in it’s entirety at AlteredRealitiesRadio!


2 responses to “SAW – Reviewed!

  1. Without spoiling my own Review series, haha, I pretty much agree with your assessment of the franchise (so far) Don’t want to give away my official rankings of the series, but you are pretty much on right same track as me.

  2. I have them all on Blu-Ray if you want to experience torture in 1080p. Like most horror franchises, it starts with a bang, then it whimpers, then it kind of gets it back, and then it just loses it completely. But, it you’re looking for torture porn, you’ll get it, and your sense of taste will die around #4, and then like most people with porn addictions, it’s not about the quality, so the sheer number of installments will feed your brain and you’ll think you’re getting what you NEED.

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