Mortal Kombat: Babalities are ba-back!

So you might be thinking it is a bit of stretch, but come on Mortal Kombat (at least the good versions) is one of the goriest video game franchises around, and I already made it pretty clear video games coverage will have a place on this blog.  Gore is horror-ific, right?  See….connection is made!

From what I remember of the early years, everyone’s least favorite match ending option was the babalities route.  It was acceptable to try it out once or twice just to show you knew how to do it, but I can hardly remember anyone chomping at the bit to turn their opponent into a baby at the end of a long grueling duel to the death.  While I don’t quite think that sentiment has changed over the past fifteen or so years, I must admit at least the new set of Babalities look a lot cooler.  Check out a compilation of each of the Babalities, rapid-fire edition!

Cool, right? Who are your favorite Mortal Kombat fighters to use?  I have always had a soft spot for Sub-Zero.  While I have messed around with other characters, Sub-Zero is the one character I have taken the time over the years to try and master as a character.  of course those damn fatalities combos still trip me up. Here is hoping the new Mortal Kombat will eventually release a 1-button Fatalities code!


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