AlteredRealitiesRadio lands interview w/Sergej Trifunovic.

I am here for a rare weekend post.  It’s not like I have a “no weekend posts” rule or guideline to follow or anything like that, I just am usually out and about and don’t have as much free time to sit down to write.  I know it’s kind of weird to fathom that considering on weekdays I do have a job I go to, but I guess I have just found the formula to make it work.  With that said…..

AlteredRealitiesRadio, the website I write horror movie reviews for is quickly becoming a force for online media.  When I first joined them a couple(or maybe a few) months ago, they were already about a 10k downloads-a-month podcast, with even more visitors to the website itself.  They are sponsored and also broadcast live on Tenacity radio.  They work really hard to manage the website while also having jobs and attending school.  With all that on their plate it is amazing they are able to put forth such a great quality show and website as they do.  They are in the process of taking the next step and I am happy to be there with them to provide my reviews and anything else they ask for!

Something big that that happened recently was landing an interview with Sergej Trifunovic, who plays the director in “A Serbian Film” This is probably the most controversial film to come out in the last decade or so.  The reason this interview is so huge is because it is the only(first) english-language interview with the actor.  He hasn’t done too much press period, let alone American press, so for the ladies of AlteredRealtiesRadio to have the honor of being the first, is quite the accomplishment and goes to show that hardwork and dedication is often rewarded with the prize! Here is about a minute preview of the interview:

If you follow this blog, the blog’s twitter account or any other of my twitter accounts for my other projects please re-tweet any advertisement you happen to come across for this interview as everyone involved believes this interview is pretty important and deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.  With “A Serbian Film” only receiving a very limited American release, which will undoubtedly be heavily edited, this is a great opportunity to hear Sergej Trifunovic’s unedited thoughts and opinions on the film itself and plenty of other subjects as well!  Thank you for the support and see everyone on April 29th for the interview, only at AlteredRealitiesRadio!

***(The podcast itself streams live at 7:30pm Friday Nights at  )


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