Silent Hill 8 footage….8? Really? The hell have I been?

I’ll be the first to admit, I had no idea there was already seven Silent Hill games in the franchise.  I remember about three of them, honestly.  Oh, and a movie. Well, here is the look at the first installment made for the next-gen consoles, which now in 2011 are probably now considered current-gen.  I have a PS3 (lets not debate PS3 vs. 360, again please) it will be available on it.  Check out this footage: (and yes I know this isn’t brand new, it debut at E3 @ 2010, but hey, I haven’t been running this blog since then, so there)

Oh and just in case you’re wondering.  I play videogames on my TV, so therefore I shall make the stretch that I consider videogames TV-based horror and perfectly fit to be covered by my blog and podcast!  I hope you agree, or at least if you don’t agree, you decide to begrudgingly follow and listen anyway!


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