As we wait for Chiller TV in HD…they lockdown a couple of originals for the network

By now I believe most major carriers have Chiller TV in their lineup.  As a fan of the horror genre and viewer of Chiller TV, I am really hoping they are going to put together an HD feed of the channel soon.  Even if not every show on the network is presented in HD, it would be nice for the Movies and original series they are planning….and speaking of original series.

Chiller TV has locked down a couple more original movies: Remains which looks like it could be yet another take on the zombie apocalypse, as two lone survivors attempt to survive in a world where an accident has left the majority of the population as members of the undead.

Also, GHOUL which is based on the novel of the same name, which follows a group of friends who work to stop whatever is causing mass disappearances in their town.

Also on the horizon for later this year as a follow up to it’s Scariest Movie Moments special…Chiller TV’s 13 Scariest kids in film, counting down the creepiest kids in film history!

Be sure to keep up to date with all the news on CHILLER TV and Lets hope by the time these shows air, they will be presented on a brand new HD Chiller TV network!!!


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