The Monster Channel brings Horror Hound Weekend to You!

This weekend starting Friday March 25th, Horror Hound Weekend will be going on in Indianapolis.  While the event will be heavily attended by horror fans from all around the globe, there will still be so many of us that cannot make it for various reasons.  Well, thanks to the magic of the internet, The Monster Channel is helping bring HHW to everyone who can’t attend the event in person!

DreadCentral has this scoop to report….

The Monster Channel, the 24/7 internet horror channel that grew out of last year’s endeavor, will be webcasting LIVE from this year’s HorrorHound Weekend event in Indianapolis. Unlike last year, which followed a very formal TV-style structure with hosts coming in for a minute or two, this weekend will be as close to a televised convention as possible, with several events in the auditorium being broadcast, interspersed with horror films, trailers, specials and live appearances from horror hosts and celebrities at the event.

(for rest of article visit HERE)

The Monster Channel runs 24/7 and is completely free!!!  Check out their programming guide and schedule yourself some time to pull up that computer chair and cozy on up to the monitor for some Horror Hound Weekend Fun!


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